Japan is the next stop for Blåkläder Workwear

Consistent, long-term hardwork gives results, even outside of Europe. Japan has now opened their eyes to Blåkläder Workwear and the Svenljunga based company is taking its first step into Asia. “This is an important stage in our development as we work towards becoming the leading global brand for work wear” says Anders Carlsson, CEO at Blåkläder Workwear.

The recipe for success is a combination of sharp design, high functionality and the best quality - something that the company has been constantly working with for many years.

“Relationships are important to the Japanese. They prioritize doing business with long-term partners who they find trustworthy. Our work in Europe has made an impact and the possibility to enter this new market is therefore possible” says Anders Carlsson.

Japan is a key market in Asia, and Tokyo has influenced many global trends - their use of workwear is different though to Scandinavia. Many Asian countries are currently lacking knowledge about both safety and functional workwear, unlike much of Scandinavia.

“Even if Japan is a bit behind in some areas within the workwear business, they have at the same time very high demands for quality. It is therefore a market that suits us very well” says Anders Carlsson.

Entering a new continent also brings some new challenges. One of them is that Blåkläder Workwear is forced to develop new models for the Asian people’s physics.

“We are prepared for flexible production in our own factories in Vietnam and Sri Lanka and we know what it takes to deliver to different professionals at a global level” says Anders Carlsson.

Blåkläder will roll out its assortment in Japan during the Autumn 2016.


For further information, pls contact:
Kalle Larsson, Global Marketing Manager, Blåkläder
E-mail: kalle.larsson@blaklader.com, phone: +46 702187333