The new cool catalogue of Blåkläder for 2017 is here! 179 completely new products together with reliable and updated classics make this the catalogue of this year. They are all equipped with Blåkläder’s unique combination of function, durability, design and comfort.

An awaited addition is the extensive investment in workwear for women. The investment is based on the challenge of being able to offer products that will make the working day of the professional women more secure, easy and comfortable, something that Blåkläder believe is obvious, regardless of gender. This year, we also focus on the feet of the end user, everything from a new shoe collection to how to personalise your work shoes with a proper insole.

The cover of this year is being adorned – as always – by hard working people in their actual working environments. Nearly 100,000 copies of the catalogue will be printed, in 9 different languages and distributed in 18 countries. It presents one of the widest assortments of workwear on the market consisting of 12,000 articles, across 650 models in 200 different materials and 125 colours.

You can order the catalogue at and it will soon be available at the retailers of Blåkläder across the country. If you wish to receive the content digitally, the catalogue will be published on Blåkläder’s homepage and on Facebook.

Blåkläder always aim at living up to the requirements of the users. They live up to their vision with high-tech solutions, fair production, smart logistics and efficient distribution: properly dressed, safe and good looking, inside out. This will guarantee everyone who is building what has not been built before, and is developing the society for the future, safe, quality workwear.

For further information, please contact:
Kalle Larsson, Global Marketing Manager, Blåkläder
E-mail:, phone: +46 702187333