Profiling workwear to put your business ahead of the game – the concept that will strengthen Blåkläder in Europe

It is time to accept that we judge others based on what they wear. Whether that person is a bank manager, a professional footballer or a professional plumber. Consciously choosing professional workwear invites confidence, and confidence means better business. That is why Blåkläder has developed a brand new line of professional workwear – Unite – for any company that wants to unite its team.  A venture that will strengthen Blåkläder’s role in Europe.
We only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Although body language, tone and attitude are all important, the visual – our clothes – is a factor with greater impact than we like to admit.
“Properly dressed employees signal professionalism and pride. Characteristics that invite more confidence and so generate more and better business for our customer,” says Anders Carlsson, CEO of Blåkläder.
Unite is the name of Blåkläder’s new line for professional workers, where the emphasis is on creating a uniform look and taking a serious approach to the company’s customers.
“Unite is a strategically important venture for us. We want to consolidate our role throughout Europe and occupy the same leading position as we have in the Nordic region. There is enormous demand for uniform clothing in Europe, and this concept has been developed with these markets in mind,” explains Anders.
Professional workwear is a conscious and strategic choice for many companies. It strengthens the company’s identity and signals quality. However, it is also an important factor in promoting team spirit among employees. Cohesion within the team is vital to developing strength and achieving success.
“A minor change in terms of your choice of clothing can make a big difference to your business,” says Peter Mönhage, Country Manager for Sweden at Blåkläder.
Unite is available in stores from September and can be purchased at selected retailers.

For additional information, please contact:
Anders Carlsson, CEO of Blåkläder
E-mail:, tel.: +46 (0)733-905454
Peter Mönhage, Country Manager for Sweden at Blåkläder
E-mail:, tel.: +46 (0)727-121410